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Everything you have been through – you can turn it into a strength and end the suffering

I believe that when you need help with an issue that the help you receive should be practical, effective, and not be dependent on your therapist for the long term.

I can help you to move forwards quickly, away from the distress that is blocking you from whatever it is that you want to do, have or achieve.

I do this by using the skills, knowledge and experience I have acquired over years in private practice and now using the Human Givens School of Psychotherapy approach. They are the only school that is recognised and recommended by the government for soldiers with PTSD and that Aviva Private Health Insurance recommends for its customers. With this plus my other backgrounds, I’m able to help people with emotional distress function fully and out of pain in a relatively short space of time.

In around 4-6 sessions, I am able to help people:

Reduce anxiety

Break the cycle of depression

Treat psychological trauma

Manage anger

Stop addictive behaviours

Relieve medical conditions

Harmonise relationships

There are various ways you can work with me, including:

121 Psychotherapy sessions

You can book 121 Psychotherapy sessions using the Human Givens Method (see here for details – this needs to link to the About Human Givens info at the end of this page) to help you break free from your emotional distress and function out of your pain to live the life you want to.

There is no ‘lock in’ with these sessions and my clients should expect to have made significant progress in 4-6 sessions, meaning this isn’t about getting stuck in therapy forever.

Price - £125 per session

About Human Givens Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy from the Human Givens approach combines the most up to day psychological knowledge with proven therapeutic techniques to help people who use it to make rapid progress to move forwards away from ongoing emotional distress. Human Givens Psychotherapists such as myself are focussed on helping people to make changes and not being trapped in therapy for years.

Human Givens psychotherapy is so effective because it helps clients to identify unmet emotional needs that are causing distress and to activate their natural resources in new ways.

There’s no dredging up the past as we know this can confuse and upset people and actually re-enforce those memories or beliefs that are causing distress - it’s all about moving forwards.

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